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These three books were published as Emma Lorant: written by Tessa Lorant Warburg, characterisation and plot worked out together with, and edited by, Madeleine Warburg



Emma Lorant

When Alec and Lisa Wildmore move to the pretty Somerset village of Lodsham, they anticipate a rural idyll. Newly pregnant, with one adorable toddler already, Lisa is confident that the countryside is the best place to raise her family.

Childbirth brings identical twin boys, despite a scan showing only one baby. When it becomes clear that this is only the start of a terrifying chain of events she is powerless to prevent, Lisa realises she is in the grip of a phenomenon as sinister as it is inexplicable.





Emma Lorant

When Mary Fullbridey is traumatised by an attempted gang rape at her exclusive school in London, her ageing parents send her to the Convent of the Immaculate Conception in the Austgrian Alps. They think that, cloistered in its community of virgin women, Mary will be safe from violation.

But the convent harbours an unholy secret. Set high above it is a grotto, the site of the ancient festival of The Mothering of the Brides. When Mary drinks its forbidden waters, she unwittingly uncovers a horrific scheme which endangers the very future of the human race.




Emma Lorant

We gamble with the unknown every time a child is conceived. But when donor conception is involved, are we playing with loaded dice? Are we risking the very roots of our identity — our genes — in a game of baby roulette?

When Petra Penn Jones and Edward Dunstan meet as students at Exeter University, it’s love at first sight. Both are fair-haired and unusually tall, and they share a surprising number of interests. They seem the perfect match.

But they have more in common than they realise. All too soon they are caught up in a bewildering spiral of tragedy. And when, despite the violent opposition of both families, Petra and Edward get married and have two baby girls in quick succession, they realise that their parents’ warnings should have been heeded…




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