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The lorant locator is a very useful device for isolating
long knitting pattern lines.
Slip the locator across a page, with the longer flap over the page 
and the shorter flap under it. Then slide the locator up or down
until the line you wish to isolate and mark for reading is centred
in the transparent window.
The locator makes it much easier to follow the pattern lines
because it prevents the eye from inadvertently jumping to a 
line above or below the pattern line.
The Golden Gauge is a device to gauge the number of stitches
per inch or centimetre.
There are two scales: the 24 stitch scale and the 36 stitch scale
Mark out the 24 or 36 stitches or rows in a prepared fabric.
Align the START of the marked oout stitches (or rows) against the
zero column and READ OFF, on the appropriate scale, the number
nearest the END of the marked out stitches (or rows)
This is the stitch or row KNITTING TENSION in 10 cm (4 ins)
The Silver Gauge is an invaluable tool for substituting
your own yarn for one given in a particular pattern.
Straighten the yarn to be gauged, slip it under an
appropriate Silver Gauge 'window', then assess the yarn
category by finding the closest 'fit'.
Be careful not to tension the yarn, or to leave it too lax.


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