Tessa Lorant Warburg

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Short Summary of published work

Tessa Lorant Warburg is an award-winning writer of over twenty published books in both fiction and non-fiction.
Her most recent work, The Dohlen Inheritance trilogy, is based on a real family's history, and spans the years 1913—1991. The first book, The Dohlen Inheritance, came out in 2009. The second book, Hobgoblin Gold, came out in August 2010 while the third book, Ladybird Fly, is due to come out in September 2011.
A Voice at Twilight, an account of her late husband’s last year as a cancer sufferer, won the OddFellows Social Concern Award for 1989.
Tessa Lorant is well-known for her writing on knitting and other textile crafts. Her Heritage of Knitting Series books, now out of print, are much sought after.
Cradle of Secrets, Lullaby of Fear and Baby Roulette are three scifi novels written as Emma Lorant, collaborating on plot and characterization with Madeleine Warburg.
A complete list of books published by Tessa Lorant Warburg, Tessa Lorant and Emma Lorant is detailed on the Publications page. A short description of each book follows on the relevant pages.

Several knitting aids, including the patented Lorant Locator and Silver Gauge, are described on the Knitting Aids page. 
Tessa Lorant Warburg was 'Writer of the Month' for July 2010
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